Computational Design Grasshopper / Rhino3D Parametric Design

Automatic generation of cut-lines for a boat cover

Zeilmakerij Houtkoop approached StudioFG with the question whether certain cutting shapes could be generated automatically from his drawing in order to save time.

Among other things, Houtkoop makes boat covers, which are measured using a 3D scanner. Drawings are made on the basis of a few points from the 3D scan, which are then cut out by a CNC cutting machine. For overlapping parts, flaps for zippers and other shapes, certain cutting lines have to be generated from these panels.

Automatically generated hems from panels shapes

The designer of the boat cover can divide certain lines into layers. These are automatically loaded and converted to hems for example. 4 layers can divine 4 different types of parts.

A second challange was solving the orientation of all panels that came out of the 3D scan. Some panels had a main orientation inwards, while others had a ‘normal’ orientation outwards. For this purpose, a script was developed that analysed all surfaces and makes them universal in direction.

The project was completed in about 2 weeks. More than a year later, the scripts are still in use and work successfully on all the drawings to which it has been applied. Regardless of the geometry.

Computational Design Sustainable design

Pomace: Learning Circularity from Olive StudioFG is participating in Project Pomace. The project features a series of design experiments with bio-based materials towards a creative circular practice. It is a collaborative design research between the Netherlands and Turkey involving designers and makers from both countries. The project is supported by the Creative Industries Funds NL (Het Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie). The project team is as follows;
The project is initiated by Serdar Asut (architect & academic) and the project team consists of an international group of people from the design, research and olive production field. More information: 

Computational Design Teaching

eCAADe Workshop

Together with Serdar Aşut and Jerzy Latka StudioFG organized an eCAADe workshop. Design Express / Vectorworks sponsored the event financially and provided the Marionette software (part of Vectorworks). Using a flexmold and PETG panels we created double curved panels. Sponsor: Design Express / Vectorworks. Conference: eCAADe 2018

The process has been documented in this video by Design Express.

This 360 video shows the end of the workshop where the participants are hanging the lamps as an ornament on the ceiling. Best viewed in VR / on your phone in the Youtube app:

More photos of the project:

Computational Design Grasshopper / Rhino3D Parametric Design Teaching

Computational design pavilion with the TU Delft

With great pleasure we again teach the course Technoledge in which we realize a pavilion together with master students of TU Delft and PWR Wroclaw from design to realization in 7 weeks. The basis for the production is the parametrically controllable flexmould.