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Proof of Concept #7 | Parametric exhibition design using Airtable

In this example, we see a slightly more elaborate design. As with proof of concept #1, we organize objects spatially along walls. This time the exhibition walls are more elaborate.

  • Color based on number of walls
  • Number of walls based on layout
  • Width and shape of walls based on objects
  • Random function to generate unpeaked number of results
  • Live connection to Airtable

The Kanban interface of Airtable does help to make sorting elements more intuitive, but sorting within a gallery is not persistent. This means that the order in which we see the objects in Airtable is not necessarily the order in which the objects are loaded in Rhino3D/Grasshopper. More research is needed to solve this problem.

A YouTube video of this proof of concept can be found here: