What is Rhino3D?

Rhino3D (or Rhinoceros, and often simply Rhino) is one of the many 3D modelling packages on the market today. But currently very popular in the world of design and architecture. Especially where non-standard geometry and data need to be processed. But what makes Rhino3D the favorite software for StudioFG and many others at the moment?

Working with Rhino3D has some important advantages:

  • Compatible with many software packages.
    Rhino is very good at exporting and importing many file types, including STEP, DWG, 3DS, SKP, STL etc. Because of this, it is often easy to switch and collaborate.
  • Nurbs modeling
    Non-uniform rational basis splines (NURBS) are the standard method of describing geometry in Rhino and form a very nice basis for smooth shapes. This is also optimal for exports to production and graphic work. In addition, Rhino works well with more traditional types of geometry such as polygon meshes.
  • Grasshopper built in as standard
    Since Rhino 6, Grasshopper has been build in and can be used immediately.
  • Affordable
    Rhino is relatively affordable compared to comparable high-end packages.