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Proof of Concept #6 | Multilingual object texts from Airtable to a hanging plan

A time-consuming part of many exhibitions is the hanging plan.

This demonstration shows how object texts in multiple languages can be stored in the database. These texts can then be loaded into a design software and immediately implemented into the design. When the text in the table is updated, the text in the design file is also updated.

Here the text attributes are used for graphical elements, but they could also be implemented in multimedia experiences such as projections or apps that accompany the presentation. 

With this we see that an update in the text can be incorporated into the design with the click of a button. This eliminates the need for many emails with attachments and requires only a few control moments.

Object texts are automatically loaded from the Airtable database in this parametric setup. A switch can be used to switch between the languages of the database. The graphic designer can build on this

A YouTube video of this proof of concept can be found here: