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Proof of Concept #4 | Analyze Visibility

The ability to analyze performance is an important quality of parametric design. Especially during discussions with curators, it became clear how much potential there is in the ability to analyze object data and design data in a parametric setup while using a central database. Several areas of analysis emerged. One can think of:

  • Security: are objects visible by security cameras
  • Insurance: are objects in safe places
  • Logistics: do objects fit, e.g., do the works fit through the entrance

But one can also analyze the building itself:

  • What are the most visible places?
  • Which places get the most daylight?
  • Which places get the most visitors?
Visibility of works in an exhibition space analyzed.

In this example, we analyze visibility in a two-story exhibition space. Placeholder objects receive lines of sight from many points. The points represent visitors. If the line is not blocked by the building or another artwork, it contributes to the visibility score. Green is good visibility, yellow is average, and red is very low visibility.

This information can then be used to develop a layout for an exhibit or to improve the building.

A YouTube video of this proof of concept can be found here: