Grasshopper / Rhino3D Parametric Design

Image tracer with pattern options

Grasshopper3D can also be used for graphic design, i.e. parametric graphic design for 2-dimensional applications. This post is about building an image tracer based on brightness and contrast.

Grasshopper / Rhino3D

Grasshopper game: DragRace with Firebase

When teaching Grasshopper, it is sometimes nice to take a slightly different approach. For example in the form of a game. DragRace is about uploading scores to an online database and trying to win with the fastest score!

Computational Design Grasshopper / Rhino3D Parametric Design

Automatic generation of cut-lines for a boat cover

For sailmaker StudioFG has developed several scripts to automatically generate drawings for hems and other fabric parts. Read here about this project.

Computational Design Grasshopper / Rhino3D Parametric Design Teaching

Computational design pavilion with the TU Delft

With great pleasure we again teach the course Technoledge in which we realize a pavilion together with master students of TU Delft and PWR Wroclaw from design to realization in 7 weeks. The basis for the production is the parametrically controllable flexmould.